Make a difference in the lives of parents and children in our community. image

Make a difference in the lives of parents and children in our community.

Your support allows us to provide Parenting Classes, Supervised Visitation and Mental Health Counseling to those who need our help in the community.

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STEPS Family Resource Center was founded in 2010 and we are committed to serving our community. STEPS believes that the importance of strong families and violence-free communities is paramount in our society. The mission of The STEPS, Inc. is to end violence and strengthen families in our community by offering training, education, prevention programs, and services, which enhance safety, promote accountability and encourage solutions.

S ~ Safety

T ~ Training

E ~ Education

P ~ Prevention

S ~ Solutions

The following are the goals of The STEPS, Inc.

  • Enhance safety for children and families by providing supervised visitation and safe exchange services.
  • Enhance safety for children by providing parenting education classes.
  • Enhance safety for families by providing domestic violence services.
  • Offer training programs for agencies, organizations, businesses, and community members.
  • Offer education programs to children, adolescents, and adults.
  • Offer prevention programs to area preschools, elementary schools and other organizations serving youth.
  • Offer prevention programs to adults through area churches and other faith-based groups.
  • Promote accountability and encourage solutions through training, education, and prevention programs.
  • Promote accountability and encourage solutions through unique individualized assistance programs and flexible services.

STEPS recently added Mental Health Counseling because we know how important it is for individuals to learn how to navigate difficult life situations and feel better about themselves.